Take success to your heart and failure to your head

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On the other hand what happens when we take failure to our heart? We become gloomy and helpless and we take failure too personally and it diminishes our human will to even try one more time.

The secret lies in taking failure to our head and success to our heart. When we take failure to our head, we fail intelligently. We fail forward. We learn from our mistakes. We postulate on factors that have caused failure and we come up with strategies to avoid any future disasters as well. When we take success to our heart we become grateful of what we have achieved and take every success with humility; its humble acceptance of victory. The success we achieve will not make us complacent here; rather it pushes us to strive harder.

For those who take success to their head, life will teach them lessons to do it otherwise. After falling from grace, losing his fortune and fame Mike Tyson, former world heavy weight champion told the reporter “If you’re not humble, life will visit humbleness upon you.” Life takes its twists and turns to teach us to take success to our heart. And people who fail at this are also the ones who fail at managing their success.

Failure has to be accepted intelligently; its impact should help us ask the right questions to know about our skills, abilities and performance. By doing this, we are analyzing and thus challenging ourselves to bounce back. When we take failure to the hearts, we take it emotionally and personally. Success or failure is just an outcome of some actions; remember it’s just A PART OF LIFE, not your whole life.

Emotionally dissecting failure can only aggravate the situation; rather it must be understood rationally and intelligently. The effect of failure is nothing but a feedback mechanism that tells us what works and what does not. So it should help us plan and strategize better. Next time you fail, take it to the head and figure out how to do it better. Next time you succeed, take it to the heart and accept success with humility and not pride.