Don’t mistake movement for achievement.

We are busy, busier than ever before. We thought that the technology will help us find more time for our family, and ourselves but it has failed us. We are mistaking movement for achievement. We are moving a lot, doing a lot and the rat race has gotten faster.

At the end of the day we take a look at what we have achieved and it keeps surprising us every time. We do a lot of things everyday, in life and at work, but when we make a productivity analysis we are mostly disappointed. 

What about results? What did we achieve during our busy schedule? The truth is that most of the activities we have created are distractions. We are now living in a time and space that is more distracted than ever before. What we need is focus and our major challenge is that most of the time we are out of focus. We don’t have priority per say, but we have a bunch of priorities. We are multi tasking, we are moving too much but completion is negligible.

We think that we can do almost anything and that deludes us with the confidence that we can do everything. We think we can juggle like an expert, but our juggling fails to differentiate the majors from the minors.

We forget the fact that what gets us results is the completion of major tasks. What we really need to achieve is outcome.

If our focus is not on the outcome, we are just doing a bunch of activities. This is the activity trap.

The activity trap keeps you busy with activities, and most of them won’t really contribute much to the outcome. We multitask. We open up new task windows, just like computers but most of them is left incomplete. Completion is what gives results and its inevitable process for achievement and growth.

An effective person will always learn to prioritize first. Differentiating what should be stressed upon and what can be put on the back burner is the key. If outcome can be brought about by the completion of few tasks, focus on completing them. Remember, real efficiency is not only about avoiding distraction; but also generating the desired outcome.

So just don’t stand there. Understand, moving a lot is just movement. Moving in one direction is progress. Moving with purpose is revolution. 

Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson